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How To Backup Gmail Accounts (+Restore)
It is quite common practice to upload all your important data on Email services in order to use them when required. This is quite handy, you can easily access the information and you will not have to worry about protecting a physical storage device. However, it seems we are forgetting that mistakes and accidents happen all the time, even if it is a Cloud service.If you are depending on email […]

How to Wipe An Android Phone (Completely)
Android’s “Factory reset” option is perfect for use when you are having issues with your phone or just want a completely clean phone to start with again. However, one of its main uses is to delete all data before getting rid of your phone, whether to sell it, give it to someone or just throw it away.

Netvibes Launches Hierarchical Dashboarding For Real Time Data Visualization and Sharing
Netvibes touts its technology to be the “Dashboard of Everything” that delivers brand monitoring, data analytics and reporting across large corporations. “Big data” and “IoT” are the most trending keywords in the Silicon Valley, right now, and, as a matter of fact, we have seen an exponential growth in the amount of data that any business needs to collect and process in order to remain competitive in today’s tough economy.Netvibes […]

AT&T Plans On Selling Anonymous Customer Data
AT&T has updated its privacy policy so it could possibly sell anonymous customer data.


Microsoft's Data Sense Revealed: It's a, Uh, Map of Wifi Hotspots
Microsoft made a big deal of its Data Sense feature included in Windows Phone 8. It’s a good feature, as carriers put more draconian data caps on our plans at the same time that our LTE connections mean we pull more data. Plus, the Live Tile interface threatens to pull more data than competing platforms. We just got a good sense of the most major Data Sense feature: Microsoft is […]

Carriers overcount your data consumption, study reveals
When using mobile phones with data plans, one of the major concerns of the users is to try and keep their data volume low so as not to bump the monthly bill. However, too often users complain that they feel their wireless carriers charge them for more than their actual data usage.It so seems that such suspicions of the users may not be so wrong, after all. According to a […]

O’Reilly Strata 2012 - February 28 - March 1, 2012, Santa Clara
Strata 2012, the leading big data conference, happens February 28 – March 1, 2012 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. Strata debuted to a sold-out crowd last year and has become the leading event for the people and technology driving the data revolution. Strata delivers the nuts-and-bolts of building a data-driven business—the latest on the skills, tools, and technologies you need to make data work.Register now […]

Cloud Shredder keeps your files secure
Making sure that your data is safe can be a tricky issue. If you leave it on your hard disk, anybody who steals your computer or hacks into it will gain access to it. If you keep it on the cloud, anybody who hacks the service or obtains your login details can have access to it. How would you solve a problem like this?

Carbonite Backups Adds New Features
Online backup service Carbonite has just released new features this morning which includes backups for external drives, to the cloud and to an external drive – to create a snapshot of your own disk. Finally, there’s a Courier Recovery service that delivers huge quantities of data at your doorstep. If you don’t know Carbonite, it has been created an as online automated backup service with a simple idea. The founders […]

iPhone 4S battery not as good as iPhone 4?
Apart from Apple’s brand new iPhone 4S featuring an A5 dual-core processor, one of the features boasted by Apple regarding the iPhone 4S is its supposed longer lasting battery, which we guess can help seal the deal for some who may be worried about battery life on their smartphones. Unfortunately based on tests conducted by iLounge during their review of the phone, revealed that the supposed longer lasting battery only […]

Sprint to keep unlimited data plans
Great news for Sprint users – if you’ve got any fears about the carrier getting rid of your unlimited data plan, you’ve got nothing to worry about. At least that’s what Sprint’s Chief Technology Officier, Stephen Bye, said when he addressed the crowd at GigaOm’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco today. While its main competitors like Verizon and AT&T slashing their unlimited plans and introducing tiered data plans, Sprint remains […]

Sprint to cap Mobile Hotspot add-on plan next month
Sprint’s been increasing its prices a lot recently – first it was the early termination fee, then it was the upgrade fee and now it looks like they’re about to deliver another blow to its customers. The folks over at SprintFeed managed to get their hands on an internal document detailing the changes to its Mobile Hotspot Add-On plan. According to the document, folks who use their phones as mobile […]

AT&T confirms throttling for users with unlimited data plans
When a carrier has something to announce about its unlimited plans – it’s usually not a good sign. Not too long ago carriers were all about discontinuing the unlimited plans for new customers and not too long after that came the announcement of throttling data speeds on unlimited plans. Latest one to join the bandwidth throttling party is AT&T.Via a press release today, the company has officially announced that it […]

Teen brain data used to predict the success of a pop song
Teen brain data can be used to predict the success of a pop song, according to the latest findings of scientists at Emory University. They performed an experiment where they got a group of twenty-seven teenagers, aged 12-17 and played them music 120 songs from MySpace pages of relatively unknown musicians without recording contracts. The researchers recorded the teenagers’ neural reactions through functional magnetic resolution imaging (fMRI). They were also […]

Threshold keeps an eye on your iPhone data plan
If you’re on a limited data plan and you constantly find yourself exceeding your bandwidth cap unknowingly – you might have to get a larger data plan, or curb your data usage. However, checking data usage on the iPhone is quite a hassle at times, requiring quite a number of presses to reach the data stats.Threshold makes checking your data just an app touch away, and does a little more […]

T-Mobile launches revamped rate plans
T-Mobile has officially launched a new suite of family and individual plans touted to make data affordable for everyone. The plans are available for both new and existing customers, with single-line and multiline options including unlimited talk, text and data (though data speed is throttled after a limit is reached). With entry-level data plans starting at $10 for 200MB of high-speed data, it is good enough for folks who don’t […]

HIDEIN Key protects your data with a USB stick
If you’ve been looking for a fast, easy, and reliable method to protect your files, sometimes digital encryption isn’t enough. Especially If you’re a fan of using weak passwords, or the same password for everything. How can you protect your files then? Introducing the HIDEIN Key.The HIDEIN Key is a USB stick that protects your files with military grade 256-bit encryption to create partitions on your hard drive that only […]

WhisperMonitor – the first dynamic Android firewall released
Android users who have been worried about the recent surge of private data leaks recently will be glad to know that they have a solution to the problem. Security expert, Moxie Marlinspike has just launched the first dynamic Android firewall today. Called WhisperMonitor, the firewall for Android phones monitors all outbound connection attempts by installed apps and the operating system, giving users an idea of what’s going on with their […]

Apple speaks up about iOS tracking issues
After about a week of silence, Apple has finally spoken up about the whole debacle surrounding the iOS tracking issue. In a press release today, the company has come clean about what the iOS does and how it obtains your location data.

Magellan eXplorist Pro 10 Handheld GPS released
Geographic information system (GIS) collectors have just been granted a new tool to make life easier. Called the eXplorist Pro 10, this rugged, lightweight, waterproof and Bluetooth-enabled handheld GPS device has been designed to enable users to easily map out large amounts of data in a minimal amount of time. It features a 3″ WQVGA transreflective color touchscreen, a 533MHz processor, 128MB of RAM, and 4GB of onboard storage, expandable […]