Street performers, it looks like Audio Technica did not forget you when they were designing their consumer audio products, as they have recently announced the Boogie Box AT-SPB30, which looks like it was built to withstand abuse. Unlike the AT-SPB5 that was introduced in 2009, the AT-SPB30 will be more compact in terms of its design, and will come weighing in at 630g. We’re guessing that this could probably see a lot of use apart from just street performances, for example in gatherings where you want music to be played, but worried with too many people, someone may knock over your set of Bose speakers.

The Boogie Box AT-SPB30 will come with a 2.1Ch setup with a 2Wx2Ch+3.6W output and a 47kΩ impedance and can be used for up to 40h on just four AA batteries alone. It will retail for 7,000 Yen, or $86.50, and will be available in Japan next month, although no word on whether we will be seeing this come to the States. It will also be available in both black and yellow versions. Does anyone else think that the color scheme looks a bit like the Sony Walkman back in the day?

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