When it comes to a gaming computer, most of us don’t really bother too much about how the chassis looks like on the outside, as long as the innards are able to push out the framerates required for today’s games so that you remain ahead of the pack, killing off your enemies due to a faster reaction rate. Well, if you happen to lack the necessary gaming skills, there is always the other fodder – to live up to the adage of “looks that kill”, coming in the form of the Bandi Scarab gaming computer. 


Paul Bangdiwala’s exposed gaming machine resembles a menacing spider with a couple of huge spinning fans that make up the “eyes”, looking mean like all get out. Of course, it will also have the capability of churning out high framerates thanks to a powerful AM3 ASUS motherboard coupled with a 3.0GHz dual-core AMD Phenom II processor, 4GB RAM, a 60GB SSD and a 250GB secondary drive.

Talk about a literal beast of a machine! This is definitely not something which you can purchase right off the shelf, as it is a custom DIY job.

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