Product recalls are never fun, and Corsair has joined the recall brigade as the company discovered that the 120GB model of their Force 3 SSD does not work as intended, hence recalling something which was recently rolled out to the mass market. It seems that you can always return the drive back to Corsair for an exchange unit at exactly the same specifications, or you can always opt for a full refund from the place where you picked it up – the choice is yours. It seems that the affected drives comprise of the CSSD-F120GB3-BK model number, so those who are rocking to 60GB and 240GB capacities need not fret. 

Corsair has remained mum on the kind of issues that have appeared, but it seems that SSD firmware and hardware changes are required if all were to go well. Users so far did report on spontaneous reboots as well as invisible drives in the BIOS, and that is certainly a headache that needs to be sorted out, pronto! Apart from that, there is also talk of different drives which suffer from similar issues, although no names were dropped. Folks speculate that the Sandforce controller could be the culprit, but it is all speculation as at press time.

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