It goes without saying that the next evolutionary step for mobile networks to take would be speed – that had always been on the agenda right from the get go. Remember the early days of WAP pages on your feature phone connected at GPRS speeds? Well, just when you thought that EDGE was extremely fast, along came 3G connectivity. After that, we have 4G and LTE networks, and Ericsson’s latest attempt managed to hit 1Gbps speeds with LTE Advanced.

This is a whopping ten-fold improvement in speed over what current LTE networks are able to deliver, and the demonstration does reflected real life performance from certain aspects – it was performed from a moving van, so naysayers can no longer claim that the speeds were possible only when you’re on a static link. It will take some years before the technology will mature and arrive in consumer products, so there is no need to hold off that 4G capable smartphone purchase just yet.

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