There have been reports that suggests that Apple’s new iPhones will feature faster LTE speeds thanks to the use of new radios which will help the new iPhones get as much out of their connection as possible. For those who actually want to see those speeds themselves, the folks at iClarified have put together a video that shows the new iPhones in action.

The video compares the iPhone X against the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, although it should be noted that for the most part the iPhone Xs and Xs Max are essentially the same phone, save for the difference in screen size, so the speeds that both phones will be able to get should be more or less the same.

In the video above, it really demonstrates how much faster LTE is on the new iPhones. The iPhone X managed to cap out at 71.7Mbps, while the iPhone Xs managed 161Mbps, while the iPhone Xs Max managed 166Mbps. Like we said, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max are the same device so the difference in their speeds is probably just your typical fluctuation in the network.

Now this is by no means a definitive test as speed can vary depending on various factors, such as coverage, reception, network congestion, background downloads, and so on, but given the new radio tech in the new iPhones, they will be faster, but exactly how much faster will depend from person to person, and from network to network.

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