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New Research Finds At Least 36 New Security Flaws In LTE
Sometimes we tend to take our technology for granted and assume that it should just work. However, it isn’t always the case as researchers have recently found out. According to a report out of South Korea (via Engadget), it seems that at least 36 new security flaws have been discovered within LTE.

Apple Reaching Out To iPhone Xs, Xs Max Owners Experiencing Weak LTE
One of the problems that early iPhone Xs owners have been reporting is poor reception issues. While tests have found that the LTE speeds on the new iPhones have improved thanks to the new radios, there are some who can’t seem to take full advantage of that. However it seems that Apple is aware of the issue and are reaching out to customers.

Test Compares LTE Speeds Between The iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max
There have been reports that suggests that Apple’s new iPhones will feature faster LTE speeds thanks to the use of new radios which will help the new iPhones get as much out of their connection as possible. For those who actually want to see those speeds themselves, the folks at iClarified have put together a video that shows the new iPhones in action.

More Tests Confirm iPhone Xs Supports Faster WiFi & LTE Speeds
When we shop for a new smartphone, we look at the size of its display, resolution, processor, RAM, camera, and so on. Most of the time we take it for granted that WiFi and LTE connectivity options are provided, although that being said, it should be pointed out that not all WiFi and LTE connections were made equal, and that hardware can affect things like speed.


Verizon Launches Kid-Friendly GizmoWatch With 4G LTE
While most of us might think of smartwatches and activity trackers as devices aimed more at adults, the reality of today is that kids are just as tech-ed up as most adults, with parents relying heavily on smartphones and tablets to help entertain and educate their children. This is why it’s not surprising that we’re seeing smartwatches and wearables designed for kids as well.

iPhone Xs LTE Speed Test Reveals Huge Improvements Over iPhone X
When the new iPhones were announced, Apple touted a bunch of new features and improvements that they were making to the phones. However they did not cover everything since it would take too much time, and one of those improvements they did not cover was improvements to LTE speeds.

Pixel 2 Beats Out The Competition In LTE Speed Test
While on the surface and on paper, most flagship phones these days seem identical, there are underlying differences that can set phones apart from each other in ways that you might not even realize. Recently a test published by PC Mag has revealed that when it comes to LTE speeds on our smartphones, the Pixel 2 could be worth considering.

South Korea’s High-Speed Trains Now Come With High-Speed Internet
In some parts of the world, the minute your train goes underground, getting cell service might be tricky, let alone internet. However over in South Korea, it’s a very different story because Samsung will be equipping some of the country’s high-speed trains with some high-speed internet.

iPhone X VS Galaxy Note 8 In LTE Speed Showdown
Apple’s iPhones currently do not support gigabit download speeds, or rather to ensure a uniform experience across iPhones, Apple has capped the speeds on iPhones using Qualcomm’s modems to match those of Intel’s. For those who are wondering what’s the difference, a video uploaded by on YouTube demonstrates the differences.

T-Mobile Extended Range LTE Live In San Francisco Bay Area
The country’s third largest mobile carrier today announced that it has officially fired up its Extended Range LTE network in the San Francisco Bay Area. The 700 MHz low band spectrum powered LTE network carries signals farther and deeper indoors than ever before, meaning that users in the Bay Area will now enjoy better indoor LTE coverage.

Uber And AT&T Team Up To Stream Football Games In Cars
Uber and AT&T have reached a deal which will see college football games being streamed to a select number of Chevrolet Tahoe SUVs in Detroit, Nashville, Houston and Atlanta. There will be tablets mounted in the back of the Tahoe’s headrests, they will be running AT&T’s U-verse app that’s connected to 4G LTE, passengers will use wireless headphones to listen to the commentary.

Band 12 LTE For Nexus 5X & 6P To Be Addressed Ahead Of Shipping
As you might have heard yesterday according to a T-Mobile rep, Band 12 LTE on the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P aren’t enabled in the handsets, despite the fact that the hardware is there. This is apparently due to T-Mobile wanting OEMs to get their phones certified for VoLTE use before supporting them.Now the good news is that if you were wondering if Google would ever get around to […]

T-Mobile: No Band 12 LTE Support For Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P For Now
Thinking about picking up the Nexus 5X or the Nexus 6P for yourself? Why not? It is pretty affordable after all and comes with some pretty amazing specs, and not to mention the Nexus 6P’s camera which is now ranked the second best according to the folks at DxOMark. However if you are planning on getting it on T-Mobile, there is a catch.When asked if the new Nexus handsets will […]

BLU Vivo Air LTE Is Thinnest 4G LTE Smartphone In US
I suppose there is a certain degree of merit when it comes to the kind of superlative in which one describes a particular handset or device, and “thinnest” would often be seen as a “strength”, or a positive pull factor, in this particular case. Well, BLU’s Vivo Air LTE has laid claim to being the thinnest 4G LTE smartphone in the US, measuring a mere 5.1mm thin. I don’t know […]