FitBotOne of the biggest caveats about shopping online is the fact that you can’t try your clothes before you get them. Most of the time you’ll have to rely on photographs and measurements to judge if something is right for you or not. Well the folks over at came up with a robot to help people in such situations. When registering to shop on the website, users input their measurements (height, chest, arm length, torso etc) which will then be used to show off to shoppers photographs of a robot body that has those measurements, and how the clothes would look on the robot.

Seeing how the clothes look on a robot will more or less determine how it will look on you. The robot is what’s impressive here – it can shape shift to pretty much almost size and variation of a regular human body. Previously only available for guys, are proud to announce that they’ve got a female version now. Check out a video of it in action after the break:

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