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Google Me on the Web lets you know who’s talking about you
Admit it – you’ve Googled yourself before. At least once in your life. It’s only human to want to find out whether you have a presence online or if anybody has been talking about you. Well, Google knows this and has launched a new feature to make life easier for you folks. Called Me on the Web, this feature that is located in your Google Dashboard under account details lets […]

FitBot clothes fitting bot now for women
One of the biggest caveats about shopping online is the fact that you can’t try your clothes before you get them. Most of the time you’ll have to rely on photographs and measurements to judge if something is right for you or not. Well the folks over at came up with a robot to help people in such situations. When registering to shop on the website, users input their […]

Creepy app is really creepy
If you’re constantly posting up pictures and sharing them with the world, you should be prepared to face the consequences. An app for the desktop computer called Creepy is a “geolocation information aggregator”. It has the ability to sniff out the locations that a person has been, and where they like going just by sniffing out data on the internet. Almost everything online has some location data attached to it […]

American Express Serve: the next generation digital payment platform
American Express has just announced the launch of Serve, “the next generation digital payment platform.” Similar to how PayPal works, Serve acts as a middleman for consumers to purchase things online and offline – the catch is that the merchants need to accept American Express cards. Through Serve, users without credit cards or are unwilling to publish their card details online will find Serve highly convenient. Serve doesn’t have any […]


Monopoly Millionaires hits Facebook
Had enough of Monopoly yet? Apparently EA and Hasbro don’t seem to think so. They have just announced a new version of their hit board game Monopoly, slated to arrive on the world’s biggest social network- Facebook. Called Monopoly Millionaires, it will allow people from all over the world to participate in this game of making money without being in the same room or even country at once. The fact […]

Android Market web store launched
At the Android-themed event today, Google gave the world an in-depth look at Honeycomb (Android 3.0) and its features. After the Honeycomb presentation, they had something else in store for the crowd – the launching of the Android Market web store. Following in the footsteps of the iTunes App Store, Google has created an official online store for the Android Market, and with it comes a host of features that […]

PlayStation to save to the cloud
Sony has just informed their developers that the PlayStation 3 will have a new feature – the ability to save games on the cloud. If you’re unfamiliar with the cloud, think of online services like Gmail or Hotmail – they store your emails on their servers so you can pretty much access them from anywhere, any computer with an internet connection as opposed to an Outlook email account you set […]

Shape-shifting Robot Mannequin Helps Your Try Out Clothes Online
Buying clothes from online stores may not be the easiest thing to do, as you can never be a 100 percent sure that the shirt that looks so good on the mannequin will look good on your body. A new adjustable-body robot from an Estonian start-up called might be able to help you solve that issue. The robot is capable of altering its shape into 2,000 different configurations, which […]

Concept: Online Coat Rack Helps You Determine What To Take
There’s no denying that the Internet is an extremely useful tool, allowing us to get information regarding various places when we’re not even there. So what can the Internet do to enhance our day-to-day objects in the house? This concept Online Coat Rack is able to connect to the Internet and get the latest weather information, allowing you to make the right decision on which coat/jacket or umbrella to take […] Beta Gets New Sharing Features
Folks who have taken an interest in Apple’s beta will love to know that Apple has introduced some updates and new features for the site. Most notably, users are now able to create a public link, allowing them to share documents with large groups or on websites such as social networks. Gone is the need to set a password or send an invitation. Users are also now able to […]