When Google first made its appearance on the web, what separated it from the other search engines was their “I’m Feeling Lucky” button which was designed to provide a more efficient way of searching for things by bringing them to the website most relevant to their search results, as opposed to users having to sift their way through pages of search results trying to find what they’re looking for. The button was a by-product of the confidence that Google had in the superiority of their search engine over their competition, as was mentioned in Steven Levy’s book, “In The Plex”.

Well apparently in Finland it looks like Google has been testing their new layout and with the new layout it looks like the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button has been gone and replaced with a singular button. There is no word yet from Google about why they decided to take off that particular button, perhaps less people were using it or perhaps it did not fit in with Google’s new look but if the button is gone for good, it will be marking the end of an era and we may very well be ushering in a new one.

So readers, will you miss Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button or has the novelty of that button already worn off on you many years ago? If you’re wondering what other new features that Google has up their sleeve, head on down to the Google Operating System blog for more screenshots and information.

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