The differences between different search engines seem to be a very fine line these days. It has gotten to a point where most of the big search engines can provide you with all the services you need without having to switch sites. Because of this, search engines have to work hard at expanding their services to provide new features not present in the competition. One such feature from Google that was recently discovered is “What do you love?”

All you have to do is visit the WDYL website, enter what you’re searching for and a new type of results page will appear. Instead of the regular links to related websites that you get from regular Google, you’re presented with search results of different types, all in the same page. Image searches, popularity search, patent search, videos, and even Google’s Translate service.

Granted, not all the search results will be relevant to you each time, at least it makes searching a bit more interesting than normal. The service doesn’t seem to be ready for the public yet: Google hasn’t even officially announced it and the site won’t seem to load if you don’t enter “www” in front of the URL. But if you’d like to give it a go, head here.

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