HTC’s first foray into the tablet market has resulted in the HTC Flyer, a relatively smaller device in comparison to the iPad and iPad 2 with the HTC tablet sporting a 7″ display. One of HTC’s main reasons for doing so would be to create a device that is roughly the size and weight of a paperback book, making sure it is a snap to tote around without causing cramps in your fingers or creating an unsightly bulge in your pants or coat pocket.

Well, having said that, the HTC Flyer isn’t exactly perfect – no such device exists at the moment, and the HTC Flyer is no exempt either. Good thing there is this thing known as firmware and software updates that will prolong the life of the device in the eyes of users while making sure said device that has such updates applied will be more efficient than ever before. 

The HTC Flyer has just received a minor update that weighs in at just 25MB, where HTC claism that it will “improve system performance”, nothing more, nothing less. Something tells us that HTC should have just been more specific so that users will know what they are getting into before and after installation.

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