Before this month is over, all of your HTC Thunderbolt owners out there ought to sit up and take notice, to see whether Verizon will be releasing a new software update in the second half of June to fix some of the glitches that plague the smartphone – among them, the super irritating bug that seem to cause a random reboot of the handset at times which could end up being a dampener. After all, you didn’t fork out top dollar for a smartphone which runs on one of the fastest mobile networks to date for nothing, did you?

This piece of information came about courtesy of a leaked Verizon Wireless memo that revealed the company’s directions to its employees who in the line of their work, had to deal with customer complaints concerning the “occasional device power cycling/resetting” issue. For those who want to exercise their consumer rights by speaking out, basically Verizon is allowing their employees to hook you up with a certified replacement which is deemed to be almost as good as new.

For those who think that they can live with the occasional reset, then Verizon has news for you as well – that means, to wait for a couple more weeks or so for the next Thunderbolt software update to arrive. So which is it for you?

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