There’s an app for that – it is a battle cry for proponents of the iPhone, and we aren’t surprised to know that there is also an iPhone app which is capable of reading your heart rate when it works in tandem with another compatible device. The iCard ECG that we’re looking at here is similar in size to most business cards, where it will mount to the back of your iDevice courtesy of velcro, wirelessly sending data from its electrodes over to the AliveECG app.

The app will continue to record 30 seconds of your heart’s rhythmic pulse automatically prior to uploading it over to AliveCor’s servers so that you can share such information with your doctor or medical caregiver. Seems like a dream, since it will work with the whole family of iPhones without limiting it to newer generations. The downside? We will have to wait for FDA approval at the moment, which means you cannot just head out to bring one home just like that. At least you can choose from black or red shades, since white would make it far too traditional.

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