LG has just announced what the company calls the “fastest desktop printer in the world”. I’m not 100% sure that it’s the case, but it’s the first commercial printer that I’ve seen using the Memjet technology, so this claim may be true. If you are not familiar with Memjet, it’s a company that has developed a high-end printing technology that is ultra-fast. How do they do it? While most inkjet printers have hundreds of nozzles that deliver dots of ink to the paper, Memjet manages to have 70,000 nozzles that deliver 700 million drops of inks per second. The head is as wide as the page itself, and therefore, it does not even need to move across the page (!).

Memjet also claims that the printer is less expensive to operate than equivalent laser-printers. Maybe, but it also depends on the type of work that customers would need to perform. In any case, we hope that this will shake up the printer market. If you wonder how fast a Memjet printer is: just take a look at this video that I shot at CES earlier this year where Memjet prints one full color page every second:

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