Microsoft Comfort Curve 3000

Spending long hours in front of the computer can be tiring for both your mind and your body, and so researchers and designers have worked long and hard to create ergonomically pleasing accessories especially when it comes to mice and keyboards. Microsoft has been pretty active in this market especially with its keyboards (considering that it makes one of the most popular word processing apps around it’s no surprise) and it has just announced the addition to its ergonomic keyboard lineup.


Called the Comfort Curve 3000, this specially designed keyboard isn’t like most typical keyboards. Instead of a straight rectangular shape that we’re all used to, the Comfort Curve features a curved design with curved keys to complement its somewhat compressed layout. It has easily accessible media keys that can be used for controlling your media, and smaller than usual function keys on the top row of the keyboard.

With easy to reach keys and a nice ergonomic layout, the Comfort Curve 3000 will make typing less stressful which should lead to increased productivity in front of the computer. One thing great about the keyboard is its low price tag of $19.99. The Comfort Curve 3000 will be available in August this year.

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