Motorola MobilityIn a recent statement made by Motorola Mobility’s CEO, Sanjay Jha, he said that 70% of smartphones that are returned to the company has been due to apps that have affected device performance. Apparently customers who have been unsatisfied with Android apps return their devices to pick up devices from alternative manufacturers instead.

While it is true that Google doesn’t control the quality of apps that make it to the Android Market, and only removes those that have been reported to cause problems (i.e. malware). And it is also true that bad apps can lead to a bad user experience, hence their decision to return handsets for alternatives – but if the same apps can be downloaded onto pretty much any other Android device, how can he come to the conclusion that returns of Motorola devices are based on bad apps? Especially when he claims that people see Motorola’s phones as trustworthy and high quality.

While the company hasn’t announced any definite figures for the amount of Atrix phones sold so far, Sanjay Jha did mention that sales weren’t as great as they had hoped. The company has also mentioned shipping out 250,000 Xoom tablets but hasn’t revealed how many of them actually made it to the hands of customers.

Is Sanjay Jha trying to put the blame for high return rates on the Android app ecosystem? Any previous Motorola owners who have returned their phones care to chime in with your reason for returning their products?

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