Munitio SITi 9mm

Interesting novelty gadgets seem few and far between so it pleases us to write about an interesting set of earphones that popped up recently. No these aren’t the revolutionary sculpted eers, but will probably garner you just as many looks and “whoas!” from your friends and strangers alike. Created by Munitio, these SITi 9mm earphones are the kinds of objects that are likely to get you in trouble with airport security.

Modeled after 9mm shell casings, the earphones even have flexible tips that are trademarked as SiliconeHollowPoints. The earphones feature 9mm speaker drivers with rare earth neodymium magnets within a titanium-coated machined copper alloy housing that is said to deliver “unmatched sound purity, natural noise cancelling and durability.”

The Munitio 9mm SITi earphones also come with a Kevlar-reinforced cable for extra durability and a 3.5mm stereo plug for you to plug into your favorite MP3 player/gadget. It’s available now in silver or gold finish and retail for $159, and there’s also a version with a built-in microphone that goes for $179.

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