Sony Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has just announced that their subsidiary, Sony Network Entertainment International (SNEI), will be restoring all of Qriocity services today in full – across the entire range of serviced territories, save for Japan, of course. This basically means that those who have been trying to access PlayStation Network (PSN) and Qriocity services since the shut down down on April 20th will be able to do so without any glitches, hopefully. Keep those fingers crossed, and let us hope that no more hackers will attempt to prove Sony wrong in this aspect!

If you had been a heavy user of Qriocity as well as could not live without PSN services, how did you manage to survive all this while when both services were down? Did it cause you to lose faith in Sony, knowing that the same thing could very well have happened to other consoles as well as their online gaming networks?

All’s well that ends well, so this development ought to put a smile on the millions of faces of folks worldwide. As for our friends living in Japan, we would say that patience is key here, as a further announcement will be made as to when Qriocity service will be restored in that part of the world. [Press Release]

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