How many of you remember the good old days when TVs where used as shelves for you to place family photographs, models, trinkets and trophies? Well, ever since flat-panel TVs have become the norm in most of today’s households, we seem to have lost that privilege. But it looks like ScreenDeck wants to bring back the TV shelf.


This accessory attaches to the back of your TV through its wall mount, and provides you with a nice little shelf that you can decorate with your favorite photographs and trinkets. It comes in sizes ranging from 30″ to 50″ and is priced starting at $39.99 to $59.99. Unfortunately the ScreenDeck can only hold up to 5 pounds of stuff which isn’t a lot if you have many heavy objects to place on top of it. But hey – better something than nothing right? Find out more about the ScreenDeck. Hit the break to watch a promo video:

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