For $499, Sony’s planning to broaden the 3D market with its own 24-inch 3D monitor. The entire bundle will come with the 3D monitor, one pair of 3D glasses, a copy of Resistance 3 and a six foot long HDMI cable. Sony says the 3D monitor is perfect for college dorms and family homes. But, that’s not what’s special about the PlayStation 3D monitor.

The most exciting thing about the monitor, aside from doing three dee is that two player 3D does not force gamers into split-screen mode. Player 1 will see his screen with his 3D glasses on and player 2 will see his screen through his 3D glasses. Player 1 can’t see player 2 and vice versa. How cool is that?

Update: Just a clarification, although the PlayStation 3D monitor is displays images in 3D, when it’s in “two-player mode” with two pairs of glasses, with each player seeing their own individual screen, the image is actually 2D and not in 3D.

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