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Dimenco Glasses-Free 3D TV Looks To Kickstarter To Become Reality
What better way to raise funds in order to make your hardware dreams a reality than through the famous crowdfunding site Kickstarter? The folks over at Dimenco has just launched a Kickstarter campaign that, if successful, will deliver the first 4K glasses-free 3D TV in the market via the crowdfunding route. Dimenco of Holland is looking to raise Є199,000 in order to get their dream on the right track, with […]

IZON Wants You To View 3D LED TVs Sans 3D Glasses
When was the last time you paid a visit to the cinema to watch a 3D movie? Do you think that 3D movies will be able to grow from strength to strength, or does it need some kind of kick start such as Avatar and Gravity in order for it to resonate with the masses? Well, for those of you who enjoy 3D movies but prefer to do so in […]

LG Ultra HD TV Going For $20,000
[CES 2013] Here we are at the CES Unveiled showfloor, and apart from jostling with numerous other journalists for some grub, there are also photo opportunities with beautiful models that cannot be missed. One of CES Unveiled’s undoubted starlets would be the LG 84LM9600, in other words, an 84-inch behemoth of a Smart TV that does 3D visuals as well, where it boasts of Ultra HD, otherwise known as “4K” […]

JVC 3D HDTV wears the Smart TV mantle
JVC has just introduced their latest monster for the living room that will fall under the smart TV specification, where the 55″ JLE55SP4000 3D HDTV boasts of XinemaView 3D which will be accompanied by a quartet of battery-free 3D glasses, integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and Internet applications, a 120Hz CrystalMotion display, and a remote control that comes with more than just your regular buttons – it sports a QWERTY keypad to […]


LG TM2792 personal TV with Cinema Screen design debuts at IFA 2012
Another day, another new TV is unveiled, although I do not think that the quantum leap made from standard definition TV to Full HDTV has been replicated with the introduction of the LG TM2792 personal TV with Cinema Screen design at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany. Touted by LG to be the “ultimate entertainment platform” (now where have we heard that familiar claim before, hmmm?), the LG TM2792 will enable […]

LG Cinema Screen design has 1mm bezel
[CES 2012] Coming up in CES 2013, there will be a new LG HDTV that features edge-to-edge displays, but while we await that magical moment to arrive in home entertainment history, there is still the matter of going through what CES 2012 delivers. LG does not disappoint those who want visually appealing TVs in their living room this year, introducing the Cinema Screen Design that will reduce the bezel to […]

3D TV channel launched in China
China seems to be pretty future forward these days, what with them having tested a 500km/h train, and now testing a free 3D TV channel for the masses. China Central Television will be operating the channel, where it will work alongside five local stations as they prepare to launch the 3D TV channel in a formal manner when Chinese New Year rolls around the corner – from January 23rd onwards. […]

Philips 3D HDTV requires no glasses
Stereoscopic 3D has not really taken off in a big way, perhaps not as much as consumer electronics manufacturers would have liked, but I guess they want to create a market instead of waiting for one to develop itself. Having said that, there were just a couple of prototypes spotted at CES last year that required no 3D glasses to view, but those have a rather acute viewing angle for […]

Toshiba Regza 55X3 naked eye 3D TV is world's first 4K2K model
[CEATEC 2011] Toshiba is surely making waves at CEATEC this year, where they are behind the world’s first 4K2K model known as the Regza 55X3, and what makes this particular TV special is the fact that this TV does stereoscopic 3D movies and shows without the need to wear a pair of dorky (or designer) glasses, bringing unbelievable resolution at four times that of Full HD resolution – which brings […]

Majority of consumers say 3D TV is better than regular TV
According to a survey conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates for Panasonic it turns out that 71% of respondents say that 3D TV is “much better” or “dramatically better” than 2D TV, while 99% of all attendees answered that it was “somewhat better”. The survey was done face-to-face with over 500 attendees at Disney’s D23 Expo that was held in Anaheim in August this year. And while 500 isn’t really […]

Sony 3D PlayStation TV arrives in Japan this November
Remember Sony’s 3D TV that was unveiled earlier this year at E3? Well, it looks like we finally have a release date for the TV. The PlayStation TV designed especially for gamers can let PSP gamers play their games on the large screen, and PS3 gamers compete against each other in 2 player gamers without being able to cheat by looking at the other player’s screen will be available November […]

LG PZ850T Pentouch 3D TV lets you draw on it
When’s the last time you used a pen to draw on your TV screen? If the answer is never, don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, LG’s upcoming offering, the PZ850T Pentouch 3D TV aims to change things. The internet-connected 3D TV will feature Pentouch technology that will allow users to write and draw directly using a stylus (provided) on the TV screen. The PZ850T will come with apps such as […]

Sony PlayStation 3D TV to arrive in Europe
Sony certainly wants to bring stereoscopic 3D to your living room in many ways possible, and among the methods it has used would be to introduce the PlayStation 3D TV – a new PlayStation-branded 3D display. At the moment, 3D TVs tend to be far more expensive compared to a regular LED TV in the market, but Sony hopes to lower the entry price point by introducing a smaller 3D […]

Sony unveils new PlayStation-branded 3D monitor
For $499, Sony’s planning to broaden the 3D market with its own 24-inch 3D monitor. The entire bundle will come with the 3D monitor, one pair of 3D glasses, a copy of Resistance 3 and a six foot long HDMI cable. Sony says the 3D monitor is perfect for college dorms and family homes. But, that’s not what’s special about the PlayStation 3D monitor.The most exciting thing about the monitor, […]