Are you wondering just what Thunderbird 5.0 would look like? Well, we are pleased to announce that Thunderbird Beta is now ripe and ready for download, where it has been built right on top of the Gecko platform. It is said that this version is a whole lot more stable than what has been available prior, bear in mind that this is still a beta version, so do not expect for all of your add-ons to work perfectly with this milestone. As for the list of notable changes within Thunderbird Beta, you might want to check out the bulleted list in the extended post.

  • New Addons Manager and extension management API (user interface will be changed before final release)
  • Tabs can now be reordered and dragged to different windows
  • Revised account creation wizard, offering improved set-up
  • Attachment sizes now displayed along with attachments
  • New troubleshooting information page to aid supporting and diagnosing problems in Thunderbird
  • Plugins can now be loaded in RSS feeds by default
  • Various other user interface fixes and improvements
  • Support for Mac 32/64 bit Universal builds (Thunderbird Beta will no longer support PowerPC on Mac)

If you are interested in being a tester, bear in mind that Thunderbird Beta for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux is available in two dozen different languages for a wider release net. Anyone installed this already, and what are some of the bouquets and brickbats that you have for it?

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