Apple is recalling some Verizon iPad 2 tablets because an “extremely small number” of them have left the manufacturing plant with the same unique ID. One in the wild, this could be an issue where Verizon’s internal system would wrongly identify two different iPad 2 devices as the same one. You can imagine how confused the wireless network could be if several iPads were activated by different customers – with the same device ID.

Anyway, the recall is happening at the store level, but many consumer got such an iPad 2 in their hands, says 9to5Mac. If that happens, the only fix is to change the unit for a new one (with a unique ID). If you live near an Apple store, that’s OK, but if not, that involves shipping and much longer wait times.

Apple would not comment on the actual number of units involved in this recall, but says that that it is “extremely small”, whatever that means. By the way, did you read our iPad 2 Review?

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