Your smartphone and tablet might be far superior to your desktop ten years ago in terms of processing power, but another great power guzzler inside a tablet or smartphone would be the display itself. After all, with so many pixels to worry about in addition to making sure it is bright enough for your eyes, most displays tend to suck up a whole lot of juice in no time at all. A low power consumption display without sacrificing on quality would be the ultimate tablet enthusiast’s dream, and perhaps 3M might have stumbled upon something great with their Vikuiti ESR Enhanced Specular Reflector film.

Just what does this film do? Well, it is an ultra-high reflectivity, mirror-like optical enhancement film that relies on light to help brighten up the screen. This move will translate to your device requiring less battery power, and your eyes will also be thankful since there is less power needed to project a bright display. This 100% polymer film comes with a reflectivity of 98.5% across the visible spectrum, and we do wonder whether other manufacturers are willing to take up 3M on their offer in the near future.

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