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HP & 3M To Build Privacy Screens Into Laptops
If you’re a business person conducting business on the go, chances are you rely on mobile computing hardware like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Given that you would be out and about in public, like in the train, at a cafe, or on a plane, you aren’t afford the same privacy as you would back in the office.This means that anyone could take a peek at your screen to see what […]

3M AIR and FLEX LED lighting solutions are the bomb
You can say that a company like 3M is probably as flexible as these two LED lighting solutions from them – the AIR and the FLEX. First introduced to the world recently by 3M Architectural Markets (which incidentally is the company’s interior products division), AIR and FLEX embodies their ongoing commitment to develop LED and OLED lighting solutions. After all, the LED and OLED market do seem to experience encouraging […]

3M unveils fingerprint fading screen protectors for your tablets
One of the drawbacks to using glossy screen protectors is that fingerprints and smudges are pretty darn obvious. Granted color reproduction might look better, but that could also mean that you will need to constantly wipe the display down. Well the good news is that the folks at 3M have announced a new screen protector called “Natural View Fingerprint Fading”, which as the name implies, will cause fingerprints to “magically” […]

3M to introduce Augmented Reality Post-It app
If having virtual Post-It notes on your computer desktop isn’t enough for you – how about having virtual ones on your wall instead? Well, it looks like that’s what 3M is trying to accomplish with its Augmented Reality Post-It app for the iPad. The app allows users to take pictures of themselves with a speech bubble outlining their message before posting it on a message wall that is covered by […]


3M 46-inch touchscreen prototype
[CES 2012] Remember the Cyberdyne Tacto display that we looked at in last year’s CES? Well, it seems that the ante has been increased, thanks to 3M with their 46″ projected capacitive touchscreen prototype. Specially designed to show off to the world the idea of scalability where touchscreen technology is concerned, this particular device can support up to 20 distinct touch points. If that does not blow your socks away, […]

3M Camcorder Projector CP45 takes photos, projects images
I must admit, while Nikon did roll out a digital camera that has a built-in projector in the past (a couple of models, in fact), it did not really take off in a way that the Japanese company had envisioned. I guess it was a novelty, and probably still is – but that has not stopped 3M from coming up with their own take in the form of the CP45, […]

3M's solar films can be pasted onto windows
If you think that having solar panel installations in your house will make it look ugly or unsightly, 3M may have a solution for you in the form of a transparent solar film, which essentially renders it invisible. In theory you could even apply it on windows and sliding doors without anyone know any better.

3M ESR display technology claims to prolong battery life
Your smartphone and tablet might be far superior to your desktop ten years ago in terms of processing power, but another great power guzzler inside a tablet or smartphone would be the display itself. After all, with so many pixels to worry about in addition to making sure it is bright enough for your eyes, most displays tend to suck up a whole lot of juice in no time at […]

3M Shoot N Share does more than just capture images
3M seems bent on cornering the pico projector market what with the announcement of two new models earlier this morning, and they aren’t going to rest on their laurels by introducing yet another handheld device – the Shoot N Share. Coming with a 5-megapixel sensor to shoot stills, it will also be able to record 720p MP4 videos. Whenever you’re done capturing and recording, you can always switch over to […]

3M Showcases USB 3.0 Powered Monitor
We’ve seen USB-powered displays before, but how many of those were powered by USB 3.0 connections? 3M has unveiled its new monitor technology, showcasing an 18.5-inch 1366 x 768 pixel display that is powered by dual USB 3.0 ports. With USB 3.0’s 5 Gbit/s bandwidth, there’ll be more room for high-definition pictures when compared to the 480Mbit/s of USB 2.0. The reason that two USB 3.0 ports are used is […]

3M Littmann Bluetooth Stethoscope
We are pretty surprised that it took this long for a stethoscope to go the way of hands-free headsets, picking up Bluetooth technology in the process. 3M ensures this happens by working with Zargis Medical, where their partnership resulted in the 3M Littmann Bluetooth Stethoscope. As the name implies, it increases the physician’s ability to get more out of an exam, boasting the capability of transfering recordings to a computer […]

3M MPro150 pocket projector
[CES 2010] 3M’s MPro150 pocket projector ups the ante when it comes to highly portable projectors (we’re talking pocket-sized here), where it merges a host of applications into a single device that targets the businessperson who is always on-the-go. Equipped with 1GB internal memory, you can also augment that with a microSD memory card slot alongside USB connectivity. Apart from that, Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Power Point and […]

3M 10 Finger Multitouch Display
3M has unveiled its M2256PW display, which is a 22-inch high-definition multitouch LCD display. While multitouch isn’t a new technology, the monitor boasts 3M’s Projected Capacitive Technology, allowing the display to support 10-finger multitouch. While most will probably be wondering why anybody would need 10 finger multitouch, it seems that it might be useful in environments such as computer aided design, digital signage, etc. The screen will have a resolution […]

3M MPro120 pico projector
[CEATEC 2009] The 3M Pico projector is not only cute, but it can also display a 640 x 480 image ranging in size from 8” to 50”, depending on the distance to the screen. It’s not very much, but it can scale an incoming video signal down, if you connect a higher resolution device. Now, I’ll admit that this is clearly not the best setup to demonstrate a projector, but […]