HPENVY-Notebook-02If you’re a business person conducting business on the go, chances are you rely on mobile computing hardware like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Given that you would be out and about in public, like in the train, at a cafe, or on a plane, you aren’t afford the same privacy as you would back in the office.

This means that anyone could take a peek at your screen to see what you are working on. If you’d rather avoid such situations, you might be interested to learn that HP and 3M are working together to create privacy screens designed specifically for business laptops and its users in mind.

Basically with those privacy screens, people who are seated next to you will not be able to see what you are working on. These screens won’t be sold separately (although some are available via third-party manufacturers), instead they will be built straight into the laptop itself so any unnecessary bulk will be taken care of.

As Mike Nash, VP of HP’s computer business puts it, “You don’t have to have a photographic memory to [remember] that A is partnering with B.” It is unclear as to how much such screens would add to the overall cost of the laptop, and how much of those costs will be passed on to customers, but if you do value your privacy, then this could be worth keeping an eye out for.

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