I must admit, while Nikon did roll out a digital camera that has a built-in projector in the past (a couple of models, in fact), it did not really take off in a way that the Japanese company had envisioned. I guess it was a novelty, and probably still is – but that has not stopped 3M from coming up with their own take in the form of the CP45, a mini mobile projector and digital camera unit which lets you shoot photos while sharing stunning HD videos and your digital memories with but a single button press.

It is interesting to note that the target demographic of the CP45 would be female, aged anywhere from 25 to 45 – where they are normally your average working mum. Guess moms can always have a chance to relive those crazy moments with their families wherever they are now without having to wait until they are back home in front of a computer. Just what does the Camcorder Projector CP45 pack? Well, it can shoot 5-megapixel stills and capture HD video (720p resolution).

The device can throw an image up to 65″ in size, just make sure the surface is reasonably flat. Battery life of the Camcorder Projector CP45 stands at one and a half hours which is pretty standard for most pico projectors, while you can augment the 2GB internal memory with a microSD memory card (up to another 32GB if you so desire. 3M will offer this for £299.99 if you are interested. [Product Page]

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