In the world that we live in now, everything is starting to become automated. Even paying for goods, through the use of NFC technology, it just takes a tap and everything is settled, no need to take cash out of your wallet or swipe a credit card and signing for it. So with things in our lives starting to become automated, why not extend that technology to our baths as well?

Before you go off and think that this is a technology that actually bathes you, it’s not. It’s actually technology that would automate your bath for you, in the sense that you will be able to remotely control your bath, i.e. depth of water level, temperatures, bubbles and even fragrances.

There is a mobile app which is currently only available on the iPhone and iPad that will show you things like the bath tub’s water level and the temperature, which it can apparently sense. Alternatively users can also access the remote via their computer’s browser. The system claims that it will also help to conserve energy and water, for example if you run a bath and forget to turn it off, not is it only a waste of water and energy, but it could flood the bathroom and damage the property. Since it’s also supposed to provide you with water at a temperature of your choosing, you won’t have to waste hot/cold water trying to achieve the right mix.

The makers of the bathomatic claim that the system will be able to fit any bath, which any qualified or competent plumber should be able to install for you. Sounds like a pretty interesting idea, and as much as we like automating our lives, do we really need to automate our baths?

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