Binatone has rolled out what some might consider to be a tablet, while another would see it as an e-reader, and yet a different person could call it a personal organizer. I guess this is somewhat equal to a group of blind men describing an elephant. Well, suffice to say the Binatone ReadMe Mobile is capable of doing all of the above, so is it really worth dropping £129 for it?

Its main area of specialization would be being an e-book reader, and while the color display is not of the E Ink variety, you will definitely face reflection problems there. We are also not too stoked to find Android 2.1 Eclair on this – shouldn’t Binatone do something about it with everyone already rocking to Android 2.3 at the moment where new hardware releases are concerned?

Other hardware specifications include the ability to browse the Internet via Wi-Fi with a built-in browser, media playback support and 2GB of storage space. Unlike most of the other tablets out there, this model lacks touchscreen functionality – so no Angry Birds there, leaving you to find a different way to maximize use of its 7″ display at 800 x 400 resolution.

There is a trackpad and a full physical QWERTY keyboard layout, making it look as though it was a scion of an Android tablet and a computer somewhere. Any takers?

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