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Icarus Illumina HD EBook Reader
Ebooks are surely gaining popularity among the masses, but when it comes to the number of ebook reader releases in the market, those are not as popular as a regular tablet, leaving consumers with not that many choices in the first place. However, the relative few ebook readers in the market do show a sizeable number of them running on Android-based software, such as Barnes & Noble’s NOOK eReader. Enter […]

Kyobo e-reader hits South Korea
There is nothing quite like curling up to a good book on a rainy day with a hot mug of coffee in one hand, while there is also a plate of cookies that delivers quick and easy access to boot whenever your stomach experiences hunger pangs. Well, these days, it makes sense for e-book readers to hit the market – and South Korea’s latest e-book reader would be the Kyobo […]

Kobo Touch for under a Benjamin?
The e-book reader market is clearly heating up with the kind of competition going around, and the Kobo Touch is one of the latest competitors to enter the scene. I guess we can call this the little e-reader that could – where it will come with an extremely attractive price tag of $99, but with a caveat – your eyes will have to make do with the permanent ads which […]

Amazon's $79 Kindle costs $84 to make?
We all know that Amazon is going to lose money with the sales of its upcoming Kindle Fire tablet, and will have to make it back through all the content that its customers purchase with the tablet, but did you know that the Kindle Fire isn’t the only device that Amazon is selling at a loss? According to a report from, with the help of iSuppli, they managed to […]


Android tablet boasts physical QWERTY keyboard
Now, it goes without saying that a smartphone these days tend to come with a virtual keyboard on their touchscreen displays – and there is only a bunch of models that offer a slideout physical QWERTY keyboard just in case you haven’t gotten yourself used to a virtual keyboard. As for tablets, well, what need is there, other than to connect it to an external QWERTY keyboard? It seems that […]

Bookeen delivers the Cybook Odyssey
Bookeen’s foray into the world of e-book readers have yet to come to an end, but rather, it seems that the company is doing pretty well for itself – at least well enough to roll out yet another version of an e-book reader into their fold, the Cybook Odyssey, sporting High Speed Ink System (HSIS) technology (the first from its stable to do so). Apparently, a couple of years of […]

Kobo Vox slated for October 17th release at $250 a pop
Ah, the circle of life continues as a device hits the FCC only to see it being prepared for a release shortly after that – case in point, the Kobo Vox that recently made an appearance at the FCC, only to have it show up on with a specifications sheet, shipping date of October 17th as well as $250 Loonies. That’s Canadian dollars for you just in case you […]

Plastic Logic 100 video
Remember the Plastic Logic 100 that we mentioned earlier this morning, where said e-book reader was announced in Russia? Well, there is a full hands-on video of it floating around on YouTube, taking a good 12 minutes of your time. Everything’s in Russian, so if you do not know the language, just enjoy the dozen minutes worth of video. It has been compared to a smaller Sony e-book reader in […]

Amazon to deliver digital book library
Amazon certainly has a new tablet up their sleeves, but it is still surrounded by a shroud of secrecy. Well, the company is said to be working on a digital book library that will be not too different from that of what Netflix is offering with their e-book subscription service. I guess this bit of news would definitely make Amazon Prime subscribers happy, since that means they have an easier […]

Binatone ReadMe Mobile is a jack of all trades
Binatone has rolled out what some might consider to be a tablet, while another would see it as an e-reader, and yet a different person could call it a personal organizer. I guess this is somewhat equal to a group of blind men describing an elephant. Well, suffice to say the Binatone ReadMe Mobile is capable of doing all of the above, so is it really worth dropping £129 for […]

iRiver Story HD has built-in Web browser
Yes sir, don’t look so surprised. Sometimes, hardware manufacturers tend to stash away an Easter egg somewhere just to tease users, and it is also a good marketing ploy since something like this will definitely stoke the interest of the purchasing public. The iRiver Story HD is one of those devices, sporting a Web browser inside, but you will need to jump through a fair number of hoops and perform […]

Pandigital STAR e-book reader goes through FCC motions
The e-book world is littered with plenty of options in this day and age, which is a far cry from what consumers had to put up with a few years ago. Heck, even e-book readers now support color for a more interactive experience, and hardware manufacturers are more adventurous now to venture into this particular niche market. Well, Pandigital’s STAR e-book reader has just gone through the paces at the […]

Panasonic UT-PB1 tablet reader introduced
Panasonic has decided to take the plunge into the world of tablet readers as well, seeing that Toshiba did not miss the boat. Their latest effort will come in the form of the Panasonic UT-PB1, which will see a 7″ display at 1024 x 600 resolution LCD screen in action to boot. This model will eschew an e-paper panel that currently sees action in devices such as the Amazon Kindle […]

Reading Your Favorite Content On Tablets
Those who have not tried a tablet may wonder how the web reading experience is, when compared to their computer. Usually, tablet browsers are slightly different than the ones available on PCs or Mac. Also, on tablets, the default mobile browser is usually more limited in terms of speed and plug-ins. However, it gives access to websites' full desktop versions.