Buttons Blind CameraHere is one interesting camera you won’t find on sale. Called Buttons, this camera is unlike any other camera you’ve seen before. Featuring no optical components at all, it is essentially a blind camera that relies on other people to take photographs for you. The brainchild of Sascha Pohflepp, Buttons is a camera that doesn’t capture photographs in the traditional way. In fact it doesn’t even “capture” photographs.


When you hit the shutter button, that exact time you pressed the button is stored on the camera (which actually features a Sony Ericsson phone that’s running a modified operating system). With the time of the shutter pressed in mind, the camera than trawls through Flickr and searches for a photograph that was taken at that exact same moment in time, but by someone else.

This search could take up to minutes or hours depending on how fast it stumbles upon a photograph with the same timestamp as the moment you “snapped” a picture on the blind camera. Definitely one of the more creative ways you can use to capture the moment. You’ll have no idea what’s going to turn up on the screen of your camera whenever you hit the shutter button. Watch a demonstration video or find out more about this concept design.

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