There is just something brilliant about the Clear Spot 4G name – not only does it get the message across that Clear is the WiMAX service provider, it also alludes to your 4G connection being really “clear”. Well, we are glad to report that their latest portable 4G hotspot device, the Clear Spot 4G, has arrived at the FCC. Gemtek is the manufacturer of the device, bearing the model number WIXFMM-122, where it will be marketed as the Clear Spot 4G. After all, imagine telling the person manning the sales counter, “I would like to have one of those WIXFMM-122, please?”

The Clear Spot 4G will come with a tiny LCD display that shows off all of the vital statistics including signal strength, network, Wi-Fi network ID and password, and battery charge remaining. This does seem to be rather similar to Sprint’s Ovation hotspot, and it is capable of supporting up to eight devices simultaneously. No idea on when it will arrive, nor for how much, but we do hope to keep tabs on this puppy.

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