Covini C3A

The folks over at Jalopnik managed to spend some time with the latest sports car from Covini, the C3A, and they took it for a ride around the Goodwood Festival in the UK. What’s so special about this car, you ask. Well if you haven’t realized it yet, from the photograph of the car, it features six wheels: four in the front and two in the rear.


Judging by the driver’s initial impressions of the car, it handles just like a regular car, despite looking like a beast to drive. If you were wondering about the reasoning behind having four front wheels – it improves the safety of the vehicle especially at high speeds. Having four front wheels means that if one of the front tires burst at high speeds, there’s still three more to keep the car on the road to prevent the driver from spinning out. Six wheels also means six contact patches to break with, six rotors to absorb heat, six tires to dissipate water and to prevent hydroplaning.

The car is powered by an Audi V8 engine, has a carbon fiber body, scissor doors and a fully customizable interior. No word on the price but it’s not on the market yet, and it probably isn’t going to be cheap either, but if Covini proves that six-wheeled cars are the way of the future, maybe we can expect similar cars from other manufacturers. Read up more about the Covini C3A at the source link.

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