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Jaguar's Electric Sportscar Concept For Gran Turismo Is Turning Heads
Gran Turismo Sport is a video game available for the Playstation platform.A lot of companies officially design futuristic concept cars just for the game. The involvement of car manufacturers for a game implies that they want to showcase their future ideas to the general public.Not just that but it also gives them an idea of how the concept is being received by players all over the world as feedback to […]

Samsung's LTE Dongle For The Car Available Now From AT&T
Samsung introduced the Connect Auto dongle earlier this year. The dongle plugs into the car’s OBD-II port and aside from running diagnostics, it also provides an LTE hotspot for the car. All cars manufactured since the ’90s have an OBD-II port under the steering wheel so even if you have a car that’s almost three decades old, the Samsung Connect Auto will be compatible with it. The dongle is now […]

2nd Gen Automatic Car Adapter Has Slew Of New Features
The folks over at Automatic Labs certainly have cause to be proud of themselves, as they have just rolled out an upgraded version of the Automatic. The Automatic is not a firearm, no sir, but rather, it happens to be a Bluetooth adapter which will plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II (on-board diagnostic) port before communicating with a paired iOS or Android device. Now that the second generation Automatic is here, […]

“Invisible” Car Could Arrive In The Future
What is your idea of the future like? Will we ever get flying cars to help us arrive at our destination faster than ever before? I doubt, taking into consideration how accidents already happen with lines guiding our vehicles on the road at the moment, what more when you are flying your very own vehicle without any kind of guiding lines in the sky. Having said that, to obtain a […]


CARMAnation a Good Solution For the Parking Crisis in San Francisco?
Yesterday, the City of San Francisco cracked down on MonkeyParking, a mobile app that lets users post info about the parking spot they are about to leave for a price. According to City Attorney Dennis Herrera, who threatened MonkeyParking and two other startups with a lawsuit, selling access to public spaces (the parking spot) is illegal.As a San Franciscan, I am outraged by the cost of parking tickets in the […]

Hongqi L5 Luxury Car Looks Old School
If you happen to have at least $800,000 sitting in your bank account, and you are in the market for a brand new ride, just which particular vehicle would you decide to settle for? Some folks might want to check out the various established names like Rolls-Royce, Ferrari and Bugatti, but Chinese company Hongqi wants a slice of the supercar market, offering the Hongqi L5 that seems to be far […]

Venom Is World’s Fastest Production Car
When it comes to us humans, there is always this particular obsession with having the biggest, best, and even fastest device or ride in town. It does seem as though the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s long standing record (relatively speaking, of course) when it comes to the highest land speed achieved by a production car has been broken by the Hennessey Venom. Thanks to test pilot Brian Smith who spent […]

Upside Down Car Unveiled
No, what you see above is not a photo that has had its orientation changed, and neither is it part of the science fiction world of “Upside Down” as depicted in the movies sometime last year, but rather, it is simply that – an upside down car that will run just the way it is. I guess you can call this to be a frightening fusion of a wretched 1990 […]

Wireless Dash Warning Light Warns You Of Slowing Traffic
Here is a wireless dash warning light that could potentially help you avoid accidents.

This 1984 Dodge Colt Has Been Modified To Look Like A Bumper Car
An eBay user put up his 1984 Dodge Colt that has been modified to look like a bumper car.

iPad Used To Drive A Car In Russia
As cool as it would seem to physically get into your vehicle to drive it around, it’s a way cooler to hack your car to be driven through an iPad app. Some Russians decided driving their Opel Vectra around town was super lame, and so they hacked their car, which they dubbed the “James Bond car” as they modeled their vehicle after Bond’s BMW that was driven by using a cell […]

Cushion Car Has Interests Of Pedestrians At Heart
Being hit by a vehicle is no laughing matter, and over time, we have seen vehicle manufacturers come up with different technologies that are more pedestrian friendly. Some cars have sensors in front as well as a different way where the front crumple zone works in the event where it hits a pedestrian at slow speeds. Well, what you see above might not be the best looking ride in town, […]

Black Boxes To Be Required In New Cars
Black boxes on cars aren’t entirely new. Last year, we wrote to you about a new plan initiated by federal officials to use black boxes on all cars. Well, after months of waiting, it seems that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is on the verge of implementing the use of event data recorders, also called black boxes, in new vehicles. The White House Office of Management Budget has recently […]

Cars to run on biofuels harvested from whisky leftovers?
They say not to drink and drive, and obviously, alcohol is the offending chemical here, but nobody mentioned anything about your car clocking up additional mileage through shots of whisky infused into its fuel tank. We are referring to by-products of whisky being turned into biofuel, with a deal being signed recently for a Scottish distillery to perform this ‘miracle’. Touted to be the world’s first such procedure, the Tullibardine […]