The words Deja Vu is of French origin, where it means ‘already seen’ – well, MIT students Heidi Chen and Nicole Tariverdian decided to settle for Deja Vu as the moniker for their new intelligent bag. Why so, you ask? Surely there is a method and reason behind this move? Well, ‘already seen’ has been applied to the situation where the Deja Vu bag supposedly offers peace of mind to folks who have poor memory, and tend to leave their keys as well as other important items somewhere, someplace.

In order to make sure that you never ever forget another key or card, the Deja Vu bag will feature RFID scanning and LilyPad processing, helping manage just what has been put into the bag. Whenever a (FRID) tagged item is placed within or removed, such movement will be registered. The Deja Vu can manage up to 5 items, where you can always check out the status of a particular item simply by squeezing a soft button. All checked-in items are represented through a corresponding LED on the outside.

Do you think that this will be mass produced, and will there be a version for guys?

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