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Safera Sense Smart Cooking Sensor
#IFAGPC19 – There was a lot of cooking related devices showcased at IFA GPC 19 and Safera Sense was one of the most interesting ones. Safera is a Finnish company that specializes in the prevention of cooking fires, it manufactures stove guards since 2007, and all its stove guards are EN 50615 certified, a requirement in Norway today, and will become a global standard soon.

Smart Herb Garden Grows Herbs, Vegetables Without Sun Or Soil
Being able to grow a garden if you’re a shut-in is pretty much impossible considering how much light plants need on a regular basis. But a new garden called the Smart Herb Garden may allow those of you who completely shun the daylight to finally be able to grow those “herbs” you’ve been dying to have.The Smart Herb Garden uses an LED growing lamp to grow your herbs and a […]

QOOQ cooking tablet launched in the U.S.
 We’ve seen a ton of tablets launch in the past, some with a specific purpose such as for enterprise users, some designed for kids and some designed for the everyday user, but what about professionals such as cooks? We covered the QOOQ, a tablet dedicated to cooking, when it was launched in France back in 2009 and again when it was showcased at CES Unveiled at CES 2012, and today […]

Japanese Researchers Make Cooking Fun With New Simulator [+Movie]
Cooking is usually fun for those who’re good at it. However, often the novice cooks may wants to try their hands on a few delicacies in a test environment. What can be better than doing it in a virtual environment and gauging your cooking skills before venturing for the real deal?Japanese researchers have made this possible by creating a cool cooking simulator. The simulator essentially brings together technology and cooking […]


Smartphones reportedly finding an increase in use in the kitchen
With more functionality and accessories being made for smartphones, it is becoming obvious that our phones are no longer just used for making calls or sending text messages. They can be used to look up medical conditions, surf websites, monitor how far we’ve run and even look for recipes online. This is why we can’t say we’re too surprised to learn that smartphones have started to find themselves used more […]

Automatic Mini Donut Factory lets you create donuts with ease
Unless you’re on a super healthy diet, chances are you may indulge in a donut every so often, or if you’re a huge fan of donuts and can’t get through the week without having one every other day, then you may want to consider investing in the Automatic Mini Donut Factory.

iCookbook for Android launches on Amazon Appstore today
If you’re a fan of preparing meals in the kitchen and love to have your tablet handy whenever you’re cooking, you’re going to be delighted at this upcoming announcement. iCookbook, a popular cooking app available on the Apple iPad and HP TouchPad is finally making its way over to the Android platform today. iCookbook has announced that it will be debuting its app on the Amazon Appstore, free for just […]

Lego Robot Will Serve You Pancakes In Whatever Shape You Want
Who loves pancakes? I think everyone loves pancakes, I hope. However if standing there and slaving over the stove to make pancakes for a family of 5-6 does not sound appealing to you, how about a robot that is made out Lego, make those pancakes for you instead? The robot can apparently make them in any shape you want, as you can see in the video below where it proceeds […]

Have Your Breakfast On The Go With The Portable Bagel Toaster
Sometimes we wake up late or sometimes we have to wake up early to beat the rush hour crowd but skipping breakfast is not uncommon in those scenarios, although by right we shouldn’t be skipping our breakfast, but sometimes the situation is such that it cannot be helped, so how about this portable bagel toaster that was designed by Kent Madden which allows you to make your breakfast (a bagel) […]

Chef Sleeves keep your iPad clean in the kitchen
While we’re all waiting for the cookbook app that lets us flip pages without having to touch our tablets, what do we do with all our current recipe apps that actually requires us to flip the pages? Well, the folks over at Chef Sleeve have come up with a solution.The Chef Sleeve is an FDA approved protective plastic casing specially designed for the iPad. With one of these sleeves wrapped […]

Chef Cui, the noodle shaving robot
A chef in China was sick of having to shave noodles by hand and decided to create a robot to do the job instead. Named after him, the Chef Cui robot is every noodle shop chef’s dream assistant. It uses a series of blades that operate like windshield wipers, to properly cut noodles just like a real human being. The chef is optimistic about his robot doing well in the […]

Hot Liner solar cookers: so you don’t have to start fires anymore
Don’t you just hate it when you’re out camping and you can’t seem to get a fire going to boil some water or cook your food? Wish there was an easier way that didn’t require you bring a portable stove around? Two Korean designers have come up with a solution to the problem – solar powered cooking stoves. Granted, they aren’t exactly a new invention, but they’ve managed to pull […]