Jailbreaking your iPhone or other iOS-powered devices is a thorny issue that has and is still dividing people and users even until today. Do you want your iPhone to remain as it is, being fully under Apple’s control as to what can be installed and what cannot? What if there is a legit app which requires a jailbreak so that it can access other parts of the operating system in order to perform a task where no app on the App Store is able to do? Well, jailbreaking seemed to be a rather tricky affair in the past, but it seems as though there is a new website known as JailBreakMe.com which prides itself in jailbreaking your iPhone within seconds.

The website is capable of jailbreaking devices running iOS 4.3.3, which means the iPhone, iPad and iPad 2 all quality. Just make sure you have an iTunes backup before you proceed, since you never quite know when Murphy might strike.

Some folks might argue that the majority of those who jailbreak their devices run pirated copies of software, hence it shouldn’t be allowed. What do you think?

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