How jailbreaking works is that it takes advantage of certain vulnerabilities found within iOS. This is made trickier on the fact that with every iOS update, Apple tends to eventually find a way to patch these vulnerabilities, making it harder for iOS users with jailbroken phones to keep their devices up to date.

However, it seems that due to a possible screwup at Apple, the company appears to have accidentally unpatched a security flaw in iOS 12.4 that has allowed jailbreakers to jailbreak the latest version of iOS, according to a report from Motherboard. This has been confirmed by a member of Google’s Project Zero team, Ned Williamson.

However, before you get too excited at the prospect of jailbreaking your iPhone, we should note that jailbreaking has been kind of “dead” for a while now. This is due to the ever-evolving nature of iOS in which Apple has borrowed some ideas that used to be exclusive to jailbroken devices, giving users less reason to jailbreak their phones. The same can be said for Android, where due to Google constantly improving on Android, there is less reason to root a smartphone.

That being said, if you are interested in checking out the latest jailbreak, you’ll be able to find the details on GitHub thanks to researcher Pwn20wnd.

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