LG of South Korea has just announced yet another 3D glasses-free monitor, known as the DX2000. This will be a 20″ wonder, making you feel as though your Nintendo 3DS has just been blown up manifold times. There really isn’t any impetus at this moment to purchase a 3D glasses-free monitor simply because the number of software that supports stereoscopic 3D on the computer is clearly lacking in numbers. Still those who love being early adopters might want to take up the baton in this aspect by purchasing one of the LG DX2000.

What makes the DX2000 slightly different would be a built-in webcam that has LG’s Eye Tracking technology incorporated, helping it fine tune 3D images so that your eyes will always experience the optimal 3D viewing situation.

No idea on whether this device will arrive Stateside or not, but even if it does, what use do you have of it at the moment other than bragging rights? It isn’t going to be cheap either, as those living in Korea will have to fork out the equivalent of $1,210 thereabouts after conversion for the LG DX2000.

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