LG Optimus 3DIf you own LG’s 3D phone – the Optimus 3D right now, you would have known by now that it has the ability to convert 2D images and videos into 3D images and videos. The phone uses software to take photographs and estimates the depth from each individual pixel and then generates a new image from it. The phone then shows two images to its users at the same time (one original and one slightly different) to create the 3D effect. This same effect is done for videos as well, albeit frame by frame instead of by pixels.

It’s been reported that according to LG, the conversion won’t be limited to just photos and videos in the future. When the Gingerbread patch is released for the phone in October, it will also get the ability to apply the 3D effect to apps – which won’t mean much for regular apps, but when it comes to games, it should bring a whole new level of visual flair. Unfortunately, due to limitations of the phone, it can only display 3D visuals when used in landscape mode, but since most games worth converting are played in landscape mode anyway, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

How many of you own an Optimus 3D, and what do you think of its 3D conversion qualities?

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