Sensory Minds, a design studio that is located in Germany, has recently completed a project that is known as the “multitouch experience cube”. The name sounds exciting – as though some sort of Minority Report wall-screen is in play here. This is different though, as it comprises of a walkable cube that obviously will have multitouch-displays, a LED-ceiling and a surround sound system.

The potent combination of that will deliver a unique audiovisual and interactive experience for anyone walking there, although we are not too sure just what kind of program or visuals will be played. I suppose the educationists would find it useful to immerse students who don’t do too well with words, while video gamers might find it to be a fun way to know their favorite game in a more intimate manner.

A total of 23 LCD displays will be used within the multitouch experience cube, forming a 14-meter long multitouch wall in the process. Is this neat or what? Check out a video of it in action after the jump.

Multitouch Experience Cube from SENSORY-MINDS on Vimeo.

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