It looks like third-party developers have become more or less enamored by coming up with some really cool stuff that will work alongside Kinect, and in a move that will surely go down well with third-party developers, Microsoft themselves showed that they too, are down with creating projects which will rely on Kinect. What you see in the video above happens to be known as the Cube, and this is not some sort of strange Borg alien entity, and neither is it a highly sought after artifact in which one will eventually gain hold of the Infinity Gauntlet. Basically, the Cube is a five-sided, Kinect-powered box which will be able to interact alongside different people.

In a nutshell, Microsoft has called the Cube as a “canvas for a new kind of creative expression” alongside a “technological sculpture that’s a venue for new types of interactive art.” One is able to dance to as well as perform various random body gestures, and see the Cube project all that has happened onto one of its panels, throwing in plenty of zany colors along the way for an added dash of excitement. Within the Cube would be five computers accompanied by an equal number of projectors, all working alongside a quartet of new Kinects in order to make the entire shebang possible. [Press Release]

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