Finding just the right seating arrangement for your home could be a difficult task, especially if you’re living with somebody who has completely different requirements than you do. That’s why the Bloc’d Sofa would be the perfect addition to the home of two people who just can’t quite figure out what kind of couch they want to get.

The Bloc’d Sofa is a couch that is comprised of multiple cube cushions. You can arrange the cubes in any way you like within the sofa’s frame, which can result in some interesting seating arrangements. The Bloc’d Sofa is shown in a number of different arrangements as owners can arrange it to be a simple couch one minute, to then turn into a bed for when you want to grab a quick nap, or even two smaller separate sofas to help accomidate two people who may or may not be in the middle of an argument.

The Bloc’d Sofa was designed by Scott Jones, who is currently looking for a manufacturer to make his unique sofa something that could be widely distributed. Even though Jones is looking for a manufacturer, he’s still accepting individual orders for the Bloc’d Sofa on his site. So if this couch looks like something you’d enjoy having in your home, head on over and make a purchase.

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