Flying cars have long been the fantasy of many people, as it certainly beats the crammed seats of an Economy Class flight, and yet solves the trouble of traffic jams. Unfortunately, there are still many other issues to think about – when driving on a road with lines to guide you still result in accidents because of bad or careless drivers, what happens when the same drivers take to the skies, without any lines or sense of orientation to guide them? I know, right? Total mayhem. The European Union is preparing for such a day with the myCopter project.

The whole idea behind myCopter is to set up a framework that even the most bumbling drivers can still get around in the air safely without harming anyone else or destroying public property. The only way to do that? Make sure such folks have a minimal a role in the operation of their vehicles – hence the EU’s stance on making such flying cars as autonomous as possible.

Guess they had better start with owners of the Transition flying car

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