Flying cars having been a staple in everybody’s vision of the future, we’ve seen then in cartoon and in movies depicting the future. While there are several flying car projects in development we are still a long way from flying to work instead of driving to work. XTI Aircraft wants to be in on this too and for this purpose it has come up with a light jet that will enable you to fly from point A to point B.


The light jet is called TriFan 600 and it has been dreamt up by David Brody who first started thinking about point-to-point air travel back in 2012. Since then he has put together a team of aviation experts like former Cessna president Charlie Johnson and former Sikorsky president Jeff Pino to develop the first high-speed commercially certified jet capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

TriFan 6000 relies on three ducted fans that are powered by two gas-turbine engines and once it’s airborne the fans rotate to provide forward thrust. The center fan is only used for vertical lift and remains covered during high-speed flight.


The jet engines provide 2,600 horsepower according to XTI and that’s more than enough to lift six people in the air and enable them to travel at 400 miles per hour up to 30,000 feet in the air.

The company has launched an equity crowdfunding effort to bring this project to reality but this isn’t your average crowdfunding campaign, you’ll need to have very deep pockets to fund this project as you’ll essentially be buying a piece of XTI and benefit from potential sales of the TriFan 600 which is expected to retail at $10-$12 million per unit.

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