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Carcopter by MACA: First Hydrogen-Powered Flying F1 Race CarEditor's Pick
MACA, a French startup based in southeast France, unveiled its Carcopter, a hydrogen-powered flying Formula-1 at CES 2021 last week. Founders Thierry de Boisvilliers, and Michael Krollak, both veterans from Airbus Helicopters, aim at creating a Formula 1-type competition for flying cars to accelerate innovation in the zero-emission VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) market while generating revenues from the racing business.The idea to design a race VTOL vehicle came to […]

$380K 'Flying Motorcycle' Uses Five Modified Jet Engines
California-based Jetpack Aviation has started taking orders for a $380,000 “flying motorcycle” that seems to have just come off the Star Wars set. This isn’t a fictional product, though, as JetPack Aviation is now taking orders for the “Speeder.” It uses five modified jet engines to hit speeds of at least 150 miles per hour.

Uber Aims For Flying Car Test In 2020
It has been a while since Uber revealed its VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) craft plans. The company confirmed that it was working on the idea of flying taxis which will be able to take its customers from one point to the other. The company’s Elevate summit kicked off in Dallas today and Uber confirmed during its keynote that it’s aiming to demonstrate its Elevate Network in 2020. That’s an […]

Google's Larry Page Is Spending Money On Flying Cars
Google may be doing great work on self-driving cars but one of the company’s founders is looking beyond cars on the road, he appears to be interested in cars in the sky. Reports reveal that Google co-founder Larry Page has been pouring some serious money into two startups based in California that are seriously working on flying cars. The startups are known but Page’s involvement in the project has only […]


Fund A Transforming Vertical-Takeoff Plane That Wants You To Fly Not Drive
Flying cars having been a staple in everybody’s vision of the future, we’ve seen then in cartoon and in movies depicting the future. While there are several flying car projects in development we are still a long way from flying to work instead of driving to work. XTI Aircraft wants to be in on this too and for this purpose it has come up with a light jet that will […]

AeroMobil Flying Car Aims To Hit The Skies In 2017
Late last year a startup from Slovakia called AeroMobil unveiled a flying car at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna. It wasn’t a concept, mockup or model. The car could actually fly and its abilities were demonstrated in front of everyone. AeroMobil CEO Juraj Vaculik wants everybody to know that his startup didn’t just build a prototype and that it is actually working hard to launch the first model for “wealthy supercar […]

Flying Car That Actually Flies Unveiled By AeroMobil
If Silicon Valley wants you to think that self-driving cars are the future then a startup based in Slovakia wants to prove them wrong. AeroMobil, the startup in question, unveiled a flying car at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna. Its not a concept, mockup or model. Its an actual flying car that can take to the skies like it can take to the roads.

Terrafugia Transition Achieves First Public Flight
There is a first time for everything, even for a flying car. In fact, this road legal ride known as the Terrafugia Transition has finally took to the skies in public for the first time, making a milestone in its journey to arrive in garages (or should it be, a hangar instead?). It is said that the Terrafugia Transition took off and experienced a smooth flight, circling around the airfield […]

Flying Cars Better Off With Robot Chauffeurs?
I don’t know about you, but I sure as heck do have my reservations when it comes to flying cars. I mean, on a 2D plane like the road alone, we have seen our fair share of horrific accidents, or who knows, might have even been lucky enough to escape from one. Throw flying cars into the equation, and you have one big, chaotic situation, unless these flying cars have […]

1954 flying car for sale at $1.25 million
Flying cars are years away from becoming a reality, but it turns one was built back in the 50s. The 1954 Taylor Aerocar N-101D was way ahead of its time and only five were made ever. Greg Herrick, the proud owner of one of these flying cars, is selling his for $1.25 million.

PAL-V is yet another flying car
Earlier this morning, we talked about how Terrafugia’s Transition flying car prototype has completed its most recent flight test, and here we are with the Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PAL-V) from a Dutch company which also does somewhat the same – that is, you can drive it on land, or take to the skies when the traffic starts to look as though there is a gridlock a couple of […]

Terrafugia's Transition flying car prototype completes first flight
Just as how Rome was not built in a single day, so too, flying cars do not take flight all that easily, having to jump through regulatory hoops as well as extensive testing in the first place. Terrafugia’s Transition flying car is perfectly named, where a successful commercial release might actually signal an actual shift in terms of personal transport – as cars take to the skies. We do know […]

Flying car built by Russian ex-pilot
You can take the man out of the plane, but you certainly can’t take the plane out of the man – case in point, former pilot Valery Bulgakov who hails from Russia who actually spent a huge chunk of his own time to build this prototype of a flying car. This model won’t take to the skies in a way you imagine, as it is meant to be low flying, […]

myCopter project preps Europe for flying car generation
Flying cars have long been the fantasy of many people, as it certainly beats the crammed seats of an Economy Class flight, and yet solves the trouble of traffic jams. Unfortunately, there are still many other issues to think about – when driving on a road with lines to guide you still result in accidents because of bad or careless drivers, what happens when the same drivers take to the […]

Transition flying car is road legal now
A flying car? Doesn’t that deserve a place in the pantheon of crazy gizmos that we would never be able to see in our lifetime? Perhaps, but chances are quite high that the Britney Spears generation will be able to see one take to the skies – and the road, sometime during this life. After all, the Transition as the vehicle is called, has just received its clearance from the […]

Logi AeroSpace unveils Tyrannos flying car for the military
Want to see more technology than you could ever imagine in your workplace? How about joining the military – those boys seem to get pretty great stuff to check out, case in point, the Tyrannos flying car from Logi Aerospace. This is still a concept as at point of publishing, where this flying car, if realized, will be a four-wheeler which has a similar number of small rotary wings to […]

Flying Car Approved By The Federal Aviation Administration
Flying cars might be a fun novelty, especially if you’ve got $194k to spare, but many folks will be wondering what the FAA (US Federal Aviation Administration) was thinking when it approved the Terrafugia Transition, a street-legal car that can fold out its wings and turn into an airplane, which will now go into production. To make things stranger, you only need about 20 hours of flying time to get […]