Most of us would associate the name Porsche with fast supercars that look sleek, but do remember that the company also has an offshoot in the form of the Porsche Design Studio, churning out highly attractive items to tempt you in parting with your hard-earned money. Among the latest releases would be the 201 C SEED, which is claimed by them to be the largest outdoor TV in the world, thanks to a collaboration with Global Bright Group. We don’t think we are going to dispute that claim considering this LED display will sport 201″ of viewing goodness.

Needless to say, being an outdoor TV would mean having it receive some sort of structural “reinforcements” so-to-speak, and one of the more important points would be to ensure it is waterproof. To make it all the more desirable, the C SEED will rise from the ground, where its screen will unfold into seven panels within 25 seconds to truly inspire awe and wonder from your expectant audience. 

Even in the summer, it is said that the C SEED has a high brightness level, letting you view images even in direct sunlight, accompanied by 270-degree rotation, a three-way audio system with 15 speakers and a wireless remote control. This monstrosity has an equally large price tag of $810,000 when it arrives this September. Guess waiting for the iPhone 5 is the much more affordable option then.

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