Has AT&T finally come to the realization that they could never have relied on the golden goose known as the iPhone alone, and would do well to diversify their range of communications device offerings to the masses? Well, good news for those who hate Apple for no other rational reason apart from fanboy-ism – there is a bevy of devices out there on AT&T which does a similar job to that of the iPhone in terms of communicating. For more normal people, however, this snippet of news might be worth checking out – Sony’s S2 tablet will be arriving over at AT&T.

This clamshell tablet might be known as the S2, but bear in mind that this is just a code-name only at the moment, and the final, released device might actually be called something else. Of course, we hope not since most folks would have gotten so familiar with the name S2, Sony might as well let it stick and not rock the boat. 

AT&T is said to offer monthly data plans for the Sony S2, although distribution and pricing details will be announced later when it rolls out. [Press Release]

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