It’s odd that given the fact that a lot of manufacturers are now attempting to push out devices, like the LG DX2000 and Toshiba’s Qosmio F750 3D laptop, which are said to be able to display 3D without the need for special 3D glasses, XPAND 3D has instead opted to push their new XPAND Universal 3D glasses.

We had previously reported that XPAND 3D along with Panasonic were working on the M-3DI standard, which they had hoped would unite 3D device manufacturers and reduce the need for propriety 3D glasses. However in the PR, it seems that XPAND 3D has managed to achieve that with their new XPAND Universal 3D glasses, with no mention of the M-3DI standard or Panasonic.

The company claims that the Universal 3D glasses will be able to work at home or in the cinemas through the use of their active shutter technology, which syncs each eye with the appropriate left/right frame of the picture, while claiming to provide viewers with vivid and accurate 3D viewing.

The glasses are for sale at $129.99 at XPAND’s website, which seems like a pretty expensive piece of equipment, but if you can afford it and you’d rather not reuse the 3D glasses they provide at the cinemas, then perhaps you might consider picking it up.

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